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Join leading Arts and Culture organizations who use Social Good Software to move their mission forward

Automatically connect and integrate your software so you can save time and resources with the right solution at any time of the day

“Trusted by leading Arts and Culture organizations.”

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Looking to do more with Altru, and faster? With Data Bridge, you can seamlessly integrate Altru with the software you’re already using. No need to hire a costly developer. Connect instantly to Google Sheets, Excel, MailChimp, and more!

Time-consuming tasks like creating reports, updating information, and moving data between apps can now be done automatically in real time. What’s more, we can develop a custom integration for your organization to meet your specific requirements.

Altru holds your most valuable data, but accessing that data isn’t always easy. To create a report, you need to coordinate everyone’s schedules, download the data, create formulas, and put together the final document.

By the time all that’s done, the report you’ve spent so much time on will already be out of date. Instead, save time and get the latest actionable insights in a single dashboard, without needing the whole team to create queries. You can create charts and graphs, view key metrics, and more.

  • ​Connect Altru to Mailchimp
  • ​​Connect Altru to Constant Contact
  • ​​Connect Altru to Google Sheets
  • ​​Connect Altru to Excel
  • ​​Connect with other applications using a custom integration
  • ​View fundraising goals or the number of registrants for an event
  • ​Reliable, secure API with Altru
  • ​​Real-time 24/7 updates
  • ​​Create unlimited data bridges for your Altru data
  • ​​Create any kind of graph or chart

“Hear what others are saying”

“Our CEO had very specific requests on how he wanted things to look and flow and working with SGS, we were able to do exactly what he wanted. . .”

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Chris Armstorng

Discovery Park of America

“Social Good has made everything better. It’s really enhanced what we can do with Altru and just made it easier overall”

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Alex Silagyi

Grounds for Sculpture

"We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with SGS. We say this is what we want and they respond, this is how you make that happen."

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Dave Judy

Kohl Children's Museum

"Social Good is one of the most amazing collaborators I have ever worked with. It feels like the Sky's the limit with Social Good Software.”

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Chris Eisenberg

Natural History Museum of Utah

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