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Streamline your checkout process to reduce steps in order to improve guest's experience in your organization

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Streamline your checkout process to reduce steps and increase online conversions. Customize the look and feel of your online web forms to avoid frustrating online shoppers and missing out on potential sales. Instead, create a checkout flow and take back ownership of your site’s online shopping experience. A custom checkout flow enables you to control the user experience by removing or adding elements on the page.

Once you’ve created your checkout flow, you can choose where to execute the flow and when to ignore it. Exceed your customers’ expectations by customizing the checkout process using a custom Checkout Flow!

Custom Checkout Flows allow you to quickly integrate other third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Hotjar to monitor your online conversions. Retain your brand consistency by removing unwanted fields and showing extra supporting material to help your online shoppers make informed decisions.

Every item your online shoppers buy requires a different look and feel. Summer camps, general admissions, event tickets, or memberships, all require a modified experience for buyers. With Checkout Flows, you can choose what happens for each type of purchased item, giving you the ability to run A/B testing on your web forms to know precisely what’s working and what needs to improve.

  • ​Customize the checkout process
  • ​Manage every aspect of your online web forms
  • ​​Integrate third-party tools
  • ​​Hide ticket delivery
  • ​​Enforce specific webform logic
  • ​​​Keep consistent data for webforms
  • ​Customize every aspect of your online web form
  • ​ Customize the checkout experience
  • ​​Highly scalable webforms
  • ​​Add supporting material based on page types

“Hear what others are saying”

“Our CEO had very specific requests on how he wanted things to look and flow and working with SGS, we were able to do exactly what he wanted. . .”

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Chris Armstorng

Discovery Park of America

“Social Good has made everything better. It’s really enhanced what we can do with Altru and just made it easier overall”

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Alex Silagyi

Grounds for Sculpture

"We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with SGS. We say this is what we want and they respond, this is how you make that happen."

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Dave Judy

Kohl Children's Museum

"Social Good is one of the most amazing collaborators I have ever worked with. It feels like the Sky's the limit with Social Good Software.”

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Chris Eisenberg

Natural History Museum of Utah

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