Case Study

Seton Heritage Ministries


Seton Heritage Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing lessons in history, art, and architecture. Specifically, they aim to share the life and example of Elizabeth Ann Seton. Offering several unique and interactive events, they found themselves needing a better way to display available dates and events on their online calendar for guests to navigate.

“Early on I did a zoom call with Social Good regarding an issue and in ten minutes my problem was solved”

Liz Origenes

Program Director

The challenge

The biggest challenge for the organization was displaying available event dates and tickets online. Many customers would abandon their carts because the process was frustrating and it was unable to show accurate availability. This has become an inconvenience as tour times and dates were not easily visible. Furthermore, the inaccuracy of the sites and the contrast between web pages has caused guests to wonder if they’d accidentally been moved to a fraudulent site. Realizing that this needed to be addressed ASAP, Seton began looking for a workable solution.

The solution

Social Good offers several beneficial modules, and the calendar feature caught Seton’s attention. Creating calendars for different ticket options as well as reserved events became the strategy for making sure opportunities were not lost. The simple-to-use features of Social Good help fill in the cracks of the Altru system, making it more beneficial to its users.