Case Study

Natural History Museum of Utah


The Natural History Museum of Utah is a museum that attracts over 300,000 visitors each year. Dedicated to sharing history with the community, the museum offers several interesting events and exhibits to its guests. One of the biggest needs the museum has had to address is the ability to communicate and connect with its members and guests. This led them to search for an effective way to organize and contact members through their email campaigns. For this, they turned to Altru.

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“It feels like the Sky's the limit with Social Good Software.”

Chris Eisenberg

Director of Philanthropy

The challenge

Shortly after transitioning to Altru, the museum recognized that there were discrepancies in the expectations of what Altru provides versus the intricate needs of the museum. The museum faced a myriad of challenges including duplicate records. Altru was too difficult to use for the majority of staff and the online guest experience was anything but pretty. Also, the ability to customize any internal projects seemed near impossible.

The solution

The relationship between Social Good and NHMU is quite unique. The collaboration between NHMU and Rick, Social Goods’ CEO, is why Social Good Software is here today. When NHMU had an issue with duplicate records they hired Rick to create a solution. When automating emails based on transactions became a must for the museum, Rick was the first one they called. An internal calendar was another collaboration between the two parties followed by the ability to use an Altru ticket to enter and exit the five-story Utah based building.

Before they knew it, the modules created were the start of a company now known as Social Good Software. The two parties’ still collaborate on creating more solutions to overcome problems the Art & Culture spaces deal with daily.