Case Study

Kohl Children's Museum


Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago offers 17 interactive, hands-on exhibits for children ages birth to 8. All of our exhibits and programs are aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards and are designed to nurture a love of learning in young children. Our mission is to create learning experiences that spark imagination and curiosity.

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"We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with SGS. We say this is what we want and they respond, this is how you make that happen."

Dave Judy

Manager of Marketing and Communications

The challenge

To organize and manage ticket sales, Kohl Children’s Museum adopted Altru. Since Altru software couldn’t successfully manage these time slots, they were creating individual web pages and listing all the times which was so much work and took so much unnecessary time.

With so many aspects of everyday life being moved online, Kohl Children’s Museum realized they needed a functional way to display available tickets and time slots to their guests as more and more individuals were booking appointments on the website. Previously, the museum only offered walk-ins. COVID demanded them to do something else which is where social good was able to come through.

The solution

Social Good was able to meet the museum’s needs in several different ways. Specifically, having a web portal into Altru (Social Good calendar) allowed the children’s museum to display live updates for what tickets and time slots were available  without having to waste time creating individual web pages.

The calendar function was key for most of the changes that Kohl Children’s Museum needed. With this module, guests could choose a 15-30 minute window, and the capacity was listed as well so once it was sold out the guests would have exclusive access.