Case Study

Grounds for Sculpture


Grounds For Sculpture is a museum, sculpture garden, and arboretum that offers engaging and educational programs for children and adults alike. The former New Jersey State Fairground now displays nearly 300 contemporary sculptures across its 42 landscaped acres.

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“Social Good has made everything better. It’s really enhanced what we can do with Altru and just made it easier overall”

Alex Silagyi

Director of Guest Services

The challenge

Grounds For Sculpture started using Altru in 2012, making them one of Altru’s first clients. Having worked with Altru since the beginning, Grounds For Sculpture began to notice how much Altru has to offer, as well as what it doesn’t. While Altru has improved and added functions over the years, there is still much that they don’t offer, leading to “cracks in the road”, so to speak. These cracks limit the functionality of Altru, leading to the need for more customizability for Grounds For Sculpture.

The solution

Grounds for Sculpture wanted to use Social Good as a way to expand the use of Altru and make it more customizable especially in regards to online ticket sales. The solution included making the transition from the Grounds for Sculpture site to the Altru webform seamless. A timed ticketing calendar played a huge role in the strategy allowing more structure inside the exhibits. A clearly displayed “sold out” slot helped ease the frustration of countless customers. Social Good was also able to keep Grounds For Sculpture’s branding.