Case Study

Discovery Park of America


Discovery Park of America is a museum and heritage park located in Union City, Tennessee that focuses on providing hands-on and interactive experiences for its visitors. Primarily focused on science, transportation, technology, history, and art. Discovery Park provides enjoyable experiences for both children and adults alike.

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“Our CEO had very specific requests on how he wanted things to look and flow and working with SGS, we were able to do exactly what he wanted. . .”

Chris Armstrong

Technology Services and Database Manager

The challenge

Due to the sheer volume of visitors and member accounts, Discovery Park found itself in need of a data management system that could keep up with its demands. Leaving behind old disparate systems, they began using Altru around the COVID pandemic began. To further complaint matters, the individual spearheading the transition to Altru left the company shortly after the process began.

CEO Scott Williams quickly jumped on the opportunity to work with Social Good and reached out for their help.

The solution

The first step for Social Good was to get things up and running in the new system without sacrificing the customer experience. This was accomplished with a few SGS modules. Over time, other modules will be incorporated, replacing other systems.
Social Good is able to match the look and feel of the base site, offering a near-seamless transition into the Altru side of things.