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Who we are

We enjoy working with nonprofits in the Arts and Culture space. Having worked with Arts and Culture organizations who use Altru has given us a unique perspective to how Altru gets implemented in production. With this insight, we determined that there is a definite need by non-profits to extend Altru beyond its default features.

Your organization can’t wait for a 3-year feature implementation or not having your feature developed into Altru. You needed the functionality yesterday! We are here to help meet this demand by creating custom Altru integrations so you can have new functionality without having to wait.

Altru issues should not be holding you back from your mission. Our mission is to help you focus less on tech problems and more on your cause. We are different; our primary focus is just Altru with Arts & Culture organizations and nothing else. With this focus, we can deliver more results in shorter windows of time without having to put more stress on your current team.

What we do

When you have a fantastic idea and wish you could get Altru to do it. What do you do? You can contact your internal team to “try” to solve it for you, or you can work with us and use one of our pre-built solutions. Deduper, Calendar Builder, Email Designer, Barcodes Reader, Checkout Flows, Membership Portal, Online Template, and API Integrations.

No more waiting around in three-hour meetings, hoping support would get back to you with a clear answer. We work using an iterative approach to create a product delivery in just one week. We firmly believe in always having a working version of any project we work on.

Where we are based

We have a physical office which you are more than welcome to visit at 9690 South 300 West – B12 Sandy, Utah 84070. Our secret sauce is in our ability to deliver solutions day in and day out with Altru. We offer a scalable remote team who brings in a wealth of outside expertise typically not available in non-profit organizations.

Additionally, every person that works with us here at Social Good Software enjoys giving back to their community. We strive to build intention around working with non-profit organizations that are doing meaningful work and making the world a better place.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!

About parent company

Salty Slopes LLC is doing business as Social Good Software who designs, develops, and delivers technology applications for non-profit organizations with a focus on Arts and Culture organizations. Salty Slopes LLC offers digital strategy and consultancy, web and mobile apps, managed services, product development, user experience, and design, software engineering, and prototyping services. Salty Slopes LLC was founded in 2015 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are interested in working on a custom project outside of Altru contact us at

Our Process

Phase 1: Project Scope

We believe the key to a successful project starts with a solid foundation. We use effective planning to understand the problem you are trying to solve. We create a detailed breakdown of the requirements for all users, businesses, and the systems involved. By maintaining active communication, we find this highly involved process allows us to understand your short and long-term goals better. The detailed project scope will enable us to come up with the best possible strategy to move forward with the success of your project.

Phase 2: Design

We want your application to not only meet all of your objectives but look, feel, and function seamlessly. No matter the project, front-facing application, machine to machine interface, fully customized API, or a mobile app, we start with a detailed breakdown of your idea into a functional wireframe. You approve all project wireframes before development, so no detail is left out.

Phase 3: Development

We use the agile methodology on all software projects allowing us to make sure that you are part of the development process. We meet weekly throughout the development process, giving you opportunities to provide feedback along the way. Additionally, you will have access to daily builds allowing you to see the progress. We have found this type of flexibility in development will enable you to add or remove parts of the project that best fits the needs of your users.

Phase 4: Delivery

Quality is important to us. After the last completed cycle of development, your software solution goes through rigorous testing. We test everything from start-to-finish, and every single line of code is unit tested using our strict testing system developed and evolved through our diverse experience from past projects.

Phase 5: Support

We don’t just want the software to work; we want it to thrive. Therefore, our work together isn’t finished. We provide support to you and your users by providing training as the software continues to evolve. The process we have put in place is designed to maintain a stable relationship with you, every step of the way.

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